Meet Bella the Wonderdog! You wouldn’t know it by her shiny, healthy coat in this picture, but 6 months ago her entire coat was actually sloughing off of her body. She was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition called Pemphigus foliaceus, which caused her immune system to attack her skin. She came to me for holistic treatments, because her mom didn’t want to put her on high doses of steroids for the rest of her life. She knew that Bella’s life would be shortened by such treatment and was hoping there were options other than what the other veterinarians and specialists prescribed.

We changed her diet from dry chicken-based food to a canned beef diet with fruits and vegetables added. We started her on three holistic treatments – cod liver oil, a Chinese herbal formula called Zhi Bai Di Huang, and a homeopathic remedy called Hoxsey Red Clover. I expected the treatment to make Bella healthier and to hopefully decrease the number of steroids she would need, but she far exceeded my expectations and recovered completely within only 6 weeks with absolutely no steroids needed. Her whole body, previously covered in red, flaky patches of hair loss, became beautiful and comfortable again.

Bella is still doing great 6 months later. We have not been able to reduce her herbal medications without her lesions returning, but she is happy and healthy. This month, we will be trying a few new herbal remedies to see if we can push her to be even healthier so that she may not require herbal medications for the rest of her life. Bella’s mom is very happy with her progress on natural remedies, and I was thrilled to have better results than expected for such a serious condition. Bella truly is a Wonderdog! We want to thank Bella’s mom for bringing her to us!!!