Does your dog have anxiety on car rides? Difficulty staying calm through thunderstorms or fireworks? Does he get stressed at the groomer or while boarding?  Is separation anxiety a problem when you leave the house?  Does your cat urinate in the house when you have guests over?  Is senility affecting your dog’s sleep cycle?  Is your cat having difficulty adjusting to the new baby in the house? Does your puppy need to stay calm after a surgical procedure?

If your pet’s anxiety is situation based, Vetri Science Composure treats can help keep them calm during these stressful times.  Many vets will tell you to give your dog Benadryl to keep him calm on a car ride but as many of you know, this tends to not be enough and you are looking for another option that won’t severely sedate your pet and doesn’t have side effects.  Or maybe your cat has to be sedated heavily when you have company over and you are not comfortable with that level of sedation or your dog’s senility is causing changes in his sleep/wake cycle and you do not want to use harsh medications to help your geriatric pet sleep through the night. Composure Treats are made of Thiamine, Tryptophan, Colostrum Calming Complex, and Theanine – all natural ingredients that can improve your pets quality of life without causing harmful side effects.  This product comes in a treat form or a liquid formula so you can choose the best option for ease of administration.  So come see us if you are looking for more options to help your pets anxiety.  And don’t forget, we also have a variety of plant based herbal anxiety remedies too!