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Thank you for your kind words and feedback.

We’re so thankful for your kind reviews.

Our entire team reads every single piece of feedback that we get. We do this to ensure that we can continue to provide over-the-top care to your family. If you enjoyed your visit, please take the time to leave us a five-star review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp by clicking the buttons below.

We have been going here for a few years. I absolutely love the staff and doctors because they have such a wide arrange of types of practitioners that work together. If you want holistic – this is the place to go. I came here on recommendation Bc my dog had a neck injury that resulted in a grand mal seizure. His last vet said he was just old. That was so many years ago – and then offered a spinal tap and said he may have brain cancer. The estimate for testing was over 1g. I took him here, they recommended a chiropractor that visits weekly, one treatment, $60 if my memory serves me correctly, and he was immediately fully – recovered. He had epilepsy as a baby, so when he bopped his head again (he’s blind and old), he started having small seizures again. We tried the same chiro and no more seizures. Very accommodating, patient, and they aren’t too trigger-happy with the prescription pad. And I do not believe they charge extra for emergency or same day visits. They also are very strict about Covid safety and a lot of places are not.
Risa B.

I found this vet when looking for alternative medicine for my Lab who had a bad fungal infection in his nostrils. Dr. Sheehan was great and I really enjoyed the experience here at Whole Pet Veterinary Hospital. I now have two German Shepherds that I take here and the service is still wonderful. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for someone to help take care of their fur babies!
Heather B.

Incredibly thoughtful, thorough and careful vets here. Dr. Sheehan has treated my dogs for years now and I credit her with saving my 14 year old Border Collie from severe pancreatitis when several other vets told me to put her down. Dr. Sheehan has always treated my dogs with the utmost caution and care, using integrative, preventative and holistic approaches along with conventional vet medicine in careful balance for each pet’s age and needs. I’ve worked with dozens of vets in my personal and professional career and she is at the very top. I’ve also seen two of the other vets who are in this office and they were also excellent, being hand-picked by Dr. Sheehan to uphold the quality of care she requires in this office. The vet techs here are also very attentive, helpful and they actually listen and do what you ask, unlike some other places where your pet is treated like a used car going through a carwash – these techs are well trained, caring and reliable. If I have a concern, someone gets back to me right away via email or phone with answers from the vet. I can’t say enough good things about this vet and Whole Pet – Davidson. It’s an hour from my home, but I would drive much farther for this level of care.

Robin S.

Having just moved to Davidson, my wife and I were looking for a veterinarian for our two dogs. The folks at Whole Pet – Davidson were very responsive and helpful with our puppy as well as our older dog. They provided great care and we look forward to them taking care of our fur babies going forward.

Reese G.

During this time of physical distancing it was nice to deal with this practice. First person I talked with was Linda, she provided instructions on what to expect with the visit and how they would maintain communication while caring for my cats. They had a couple of unexpected emergency’s which created a bit of a wait, but this was also communicated to us and our cats remained in the car with us for their comfort until the vet was ready to examine them. The vet tech came to the car, took our cats inside for examination. The vet called us before administering any vaccines to make sure what we wanted and to let us know how the exam went. I wanted the safer PureVax 3 year rabies vaccine and they had it at this clinic, so yes I would recommend the clinic.
Janie S.

I have been a customer for at least 4 years. In all that time there has never been a visit where my family, animals included, weren’t treated with love and respect. They truly care. They thoroughly explain. I have a 20 year old cat with kidney issues for the last 5 years. Their diet advice and careful attention to detail has given her a longer life with wonderful quality. Their primary concern has always been our family not making money.
Valerie J.

Let me preface this review by saying that I have a LOT of years of experience in the fields of veterinary/rescue/spay neuter/animal welfare shelter management/pet nutrition. 15+ years experience to be exact.

Long story short, I’m incredibly selective about veterinary practices that my pets go to (fur, fin, scales all apply). The only reason I was even in the market for a new vet was because I recently moved out of state and had to leave my beloved and trusted vet of 21 years. Don’t worry, we still keep in touch and I still have the clinic’s phone number memorized.

But I digress…..while at work last week, I mentioned my pupper was shedding tumble furs (more than typical husky X in the summer months of you can even believe that’s possible). I was referred to this practice by a co-worker (Nash’s mom) and I’m so glad I took her up on her recommendation.

This practice blew me away. Not only was the facility incredibly clean, the entire staff was top notch. Lynn, the vet tech was great and Dr. Rafferty was amazing as well. Their knowledge and blend of Western and Eastern medicine was so refreshing and despite a lot of years in vet/shelter management/pet nutrition based positions, I learned some new things about protein types (cooling vs heating) and how they affect different dog breeds.

Blaze, my border collie X husky mix loved everyone there. Dr. Rafferty was incredibly knowledgeable about both breeds, even laughing and pointing out when Blaze displayed behaviors that were so tell-tale of his breed make-up.

While I hope my pup heals quickly, I must say that we honestly look forward to our next visit and that the Vet Hospital at Davidson has earned another client for as long as we Iive in the area.

Thank you, Dr. Rafferty and staff!

Keely T.

I would like to say that this is my first time ever feeling at ease as if I could breathe for the first time. I have five dogs and I Recently took my dog Neiko to be seen For his collapsing trachea. We live an hour and a half away and I question whether it was worth it, it was entirely worth it. Dr. Tamara was amazing with the help of Miss Sarah, he is doing much better already and I feel that This facility can help us with anything and are able to be our family away from home. I cannot begin to express how much Dr. Tamara Made our visit comfortable and I am forever grateful! I honestly cried, thank you so much.
Kiara S.

I can’t say enough good things about this facility and the staff there. I’m sad to be moving and losing such amazing care for my pets. They don’t do any unnecessary interventions and always have your pets best interest at heart.

I took my standard poodle service dog Samson for a 2nd opinion due to a diagnosis of Wobblers Syndrome and recommended treatment of surgery. I wanted to see if acupuncture could help. There are several vets at this clinic and 2 were recommended for acupuncture. To minimize possible infection a staff person met us outside the clinic to escort the dog in.The vet called my phone as we were waiting in our car to give me her thoughts following his exam. She recommend going ahead with the acupuncture. After the treatment Samson seemed a much happier dog with excellent energy for a 8 1/2 year old! I will take hi back 3 more times and then reassess where we are.
Martin C.

Dr. Uehlein did acupuncture on my elderly Pekingese and changed his medication regimen on our first appointment. When we got home, I put my dog down on the floor, and he was playful, happy, and pain free. I am so happy with the treatment he received. I highly recommend.
Kristen W.

Kind, professional, informed staff and Dr.’s! Will treat you and your furry family members like one of their own!
Kelli H.