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We are devoted to your pet’s whole well-being!

Why choose us as your veterinary hospital of choice?

We go above and beyond during every single visit with your family! We can’t just give you one reason, so we’ll give you seven!

WE CARE! It really is that simple. We care deeply for you and your pet. We understand the incredible bond we share with our pets and how they are more than just a dog or cat, they are members of our families. We promise to treat your pets as our own and show you how much we care from the moment you call our hospital to make the appointment, to the thorough physical exam and checkout process, to the followup communications when needed. We believe veterinary medicine is more than just caring for the pet, we care for the family too.

We listen to you and your concerns. We believe you know what is best for your pet and we are here to help. We will take the time needed to make sure all of your questions are answered and you feel better about your pet’s health and wellbeing by the time you leave our hospital. We will be honest with you about cost of care, expectations moving forward, and will address all your needs to the best of our ability during each examination.

We are resourceful in our knowledge of medicine. We practice both traditional and alternative medicine making us a true integrative practice. This means we have to ability to be creative with difficult cases and unusual problems. We dive deep to find the underlying cause of your pet’s chronic problem. We do our research. We have access to many heavily trained veterinarians in Chinese and alternative medicine within our hospitals to go to for advice. We don’t give up and will continue to gain information to help your pet if you feel it is needed for their care.

We are resourceful in our expertise and skill of veterinary medicine. Yes, we have a holistic approach to medicine but no, it is not what you think. We can handle most things in house meaning there is a continuity of care. Therefore, we do more than the average “holistic” practice since we believe in obtaining the best results and giving you options for your pets care. We are highly skilled in surgery and are able to perform most surgeries in our hospital. We give chemotherapy to our patients when warranted and will take on intense internal medicine cases including all followups needed. We perform ultrasounds, echocardiograms, and have access to testing such as Vitamin D and cancer markers. We are constantly learning and bringing on new skills, finding new ways to treat cancer, and researching the best products and diagnostics to better treat your pet. And of course, we understand our limits and have great relationships with specialists in our area when more intense diagnostics such as a MRI is needed.

We individualize the care given to you and your pet. We understand that different pets lead very different lives. There are cats who live mostly outside, versus other cats who never step foot in the grass. Some dogs go hiking off-leash every day in the woods, versus other dogs who go for short-leash walks on the sidewalk in your neighborhood. We recommend vaccines and preventative medicine based on your pet’s daily life. We also understand that our clients are all individuals too. There may be financial constraints or differences in how far a client will go to search for the answers. We trust you know what is best for your pet and will always give you options in treatment plans so you can make an educated decision for your pet.

We focus on successful outcomes. Our goal is to fix your pet. There is nothing more frustrating to us than seeing your pet for a recheck and the issue has not improved. Our one main purpose in practicing veterinary medicine is to give your pet a long life. Longevity is at the core of all of our medical advice and treatment options. Therefore, we are always educating pet owners on wellness care. Good food, thin build with proper exercise, and heartworm prevention for dogs are staples of being well. We seek a cure for the chronic illness your pet experiences instead of putting a bandaid on it. And we help you find peace in knowing you did everything you could for your pet when the time has come to say goodbye.

We maintain a culture of kindness. This pertains to how we treat your pets, how we treat you, and how we treat each other. It is not common to find a business where the employees all get along but that is exactly what we have built and continue to build. We believe our Whole Pet culture starts at the top and trickles down to all facets in our hospital including daily general exams and even your pet liking us. We take our time handling your pet and do all exams and basic treatments in the room with you so you do not have to be worried about how your pet is doing because you are right there with us. We will not rush through your appointment but will spend time making sure all your needs and concerns are met. Kindness sounds simple but it really goes a long way in making all of our day to day experiences better.

These are our standards of care. If you feel any experience in Whole Pet Veterinary Hospitals was less than this, please let us know. We are dedicated to providing all our clients and patients with the best care and will continue to make changes and learn from any mistakes we may make.

Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Veterinarian

1. Wellness plans will save you money. There are veterinary hospitals that push wellness plans for your pets. The idea is that you pay a monthly rate then receive wellness care at no additional charge. We have found that these plans typically cost you more than just paying for services rendered. Be careful when looking into these plans. You may be paying a little less for your vaccines but paying much more to treat an ear infection. You are also likely to pay for more vaccines that may not be necessary for your pet.
2. One size fits all. This is not true in veterinary medicine. You should seek out a veterinarian who will individualize your care. If your dog lives in an apartment and uses a pee pad, she likely does not need a leptospirosis vaccine or tick prevention. Preventative medicine for that dog should be much different than a dog working on a farm or living on 10 acres. It is important to make sure your veterinarian individualizes your pet’s care.
3. Outstanding care for your pet is expensive. It is a mistake to believe you have to pay a lot of money to receive great care. Outstanding medicine does not have to cost a lot of money. It requires a veterinarian who will seek out answers based on your finances and who can provide you with appropriate treatment options.
4. Pets are always fearful of going to the vet. It doesn’t matter which veterinary hospital you pick. It is shocking how many people expect their cats and dogs to hate going to the vet! The experience should not elicit fear and be a place where your dog gets lots of treats, and your cat is rolling in catnip. There are ways to try to keep your pet at ease, and there are veterinarians and veterinary staff who will handle your pet with patience and kindness.
5. All veterinarians are trying to sell you on products, and you should feel guilty for not buying what they are selling. We understand that veterinarians are in sales to some extent. It is in your dog’s best interest to receive monthly heartworm prevention, and for your cat to eat strictly canned food, so veterinarians will discuss those products and options with you. However, you should never feel guilty when leaving the veterinary hospital. It is your choice how you treat your pet, and veterinarians should just offer the best treatment and preventative options without judgment.
6. Choose the closest veterinary hospital because all veterinarians are similar. This is untrue. Veterinarians are all trained similarly in vet school, but how they choose to continue their studies after school is where the big differences occur. Some veterinarians choose to strictly practice Western medicine, while others will seek out new treatment options through studying Chinese medicine, herbs, and food therapy, for example. Or they may take courses to learn how to perform ultrasounds and other specialized procedures to provide the best care to your pet. If your pet has an illness or disease that is not improving on medications, you should consider looking for a veterinarian who will provide you with more options of treatment and a feeling of true caring, even if the hospital is a little farther from your home.

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