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Pet Travel

Preparation is the key to successful travel with your pet. There may be animal health requirements specific to your destination. Factors to consider may include meeting time frames for obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing, or administration of medications/treatments.

Traveling in the United States

It is important to do your homework well in advance, whether traveling by car or air. Each state has its own requirements. When traveling within the United States (interstate), first visit the APHIS Pet Travel website.

Once there, choose the state to which you are traveling to determine that state’s specific requirements.

If traveling by air, visit your airline’s website to make sure your airline allows pets and understand what services they offer. Each airline has its own rules and services for pet travel. Many now have their own travel documents required prior to flight.

For detailed information on flying with your pet, visit this website.

Traveling Internationally

Traveling internationally with your pet requires advanced preparation prior to travel and can be a time-consuming process.

First, visit the APHIS website at least six months prior to your trip to determine all necessary health exams, vaccines, and certifications required to travel to that specific country.

Also, be aware there may be additional requirements needed for your pet to return to the United States. Those requirements can also be found through the APHIS website.

Many international health certificates require an endorsement from the USDA. There is a separate fee for these endorsements that are not included in the health certificate fee. This paperwork often needs to be sent to the USDA office in New York for endorsement within 10 days of travel, so timing is of utter importance.

There are companies that specialize in international pet travel and can help with paperwork, transport, etc. for a fee. Links to these can be found here:

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association

Happy Tails Travel

Pet Express

Pet Travel Checklist

Please note that preparing for travel to some countries can take months, depending on your final destination.

Information needed before completing your pet’s health certificate:

  • Where is your pet traveling (destination state or country)?
  • Who is traveling with your pet?
  • What is the address of the destination or where your pet will be staying?
  • What is the date of travel (departure and arrival dates)?
  •  What type of health certificate is required?
    • Generic pet certificate (APHIS 7001)
    • Country specific health certificate
  • Is a microchip required? If yes, what specific type?
  • What vaccines does your destination require, and when they must be given?

You must have rabies vaccine certificates for all rabies vaccines documented on the health certificate, and they must be obtained from the place they were issued. We cannot issue rabies vaccine certificates for rabies vaccines given by other veterinarians.

These vaccine certificates will be required by the USDA at the time of certificate endorsement.

  •  Are any laboratory tests needed by destination state or country?
    • If yes, what tests are required, and when must samples be collected?
  • Are treatments such as external parasite control or deworming required, and when?
  • When must a physical exam take place?
  • Check with the airline to determine what requirements they may have.
  • If traveling out of the country, visit the APHIS website.
  • Is a health certificate required to have USDA review or endorsement?
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