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Meet Dr. Linen

Dr. Heather Linen


Dr. Linen grew up knowing she wanted to be a voice for animals. As a child she was frequently rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife or planning community projects to restore habitats. While she was often at a veterinary hospital with either her own pets or the injured wildlife it wasn’t until undergraduate that she considered veterinary medicine. During one summer she worked at a small private practice and realized she would have the greatest impact on animals’ lives by training to become a veterinarian. After Dr. Linen graduated valedictorian of St. Mary’s Honors College she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine with honors at Cornell University.

Dr. Linen’s journey in veterinary medicine has taken her through Central Florida and Northern Virginia until settling in the greater Charlotte area. Dr. Linen has served in many roles in veterinary medicine including private practice, not-for-profit, and Regional directorship. While other positions were rewarding she truly missed connecting with owners and being part of each pet’s life.

Dr. Linen approaches veterinary medicine as being the voice for each pet. Dr. Linen’s mission is to provide each pet with compassionate, quality medical care and foster the bond between that pet and their family. As such she is a strong advocate for preventative care with a single goal of a healthier pets and happier homes.

In her spare time Dr. Linen enjoys reading, spending time outdoors with her husband, and cheering on her son’s baseball team. They currently have one sweet, and goofy, rescue dog named Kodi.

Education: The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University

Hometown: Babylon, NY

Pets: Kodi (dog)

Special interests: preventative medicine, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery (especially spay/neuter), dentistry